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Chinese New Year Celebration

The company treasures prosperity and good wealth thus celebrating Chinese New Year is one way of doing it. It is also a way for other beliefs to know more about Chinese culture. Doing so strengthens the bond between colleagues and prepares for upcoming challenges that the company may encounter in the mere future.

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Team Building 2023

2023 marks the year for the return of our team building event after COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. The company travelled to Sungai Lembing, Kuantan for another thrilling event. Staff went on a hiking trip, survivor style food foraging, enjoyed a chilling waterfall scene, and many more. The number of new staff has also risen throughout the years, thus it was the best approach for new and old staffs to know each other and take some time off work.

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Badminton Tournament

In accordance of maintaining good health, the company also promotes various sports activities. It is a good approach in strengthening the bond between company staffs. We strive in continuing the efforts of promoting a healthy lifestyle with good working etiquette.

Majlis Berbuka Puasa & Hari Raya

The company celebrates the month of fasting, Ramadan in which every staff gathers to break fast together. It is an effort to tighten the bond between colleagues amongst different races and religions alike. Regardless of every staff beliefs it is crucial to maintain and enhance the spirit between each company staff on various occasions. Upon the end of Ramadan, the company also celebrates Hari Raya together with traditional raya delicacies.

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Annual Company Dinner

The dedication and hard work of all members of the organization are truly appreciated. Every staff member contributed their skills and advantages in an effort of making Jallcon (M) Sdn Bhd an organization to be reckoned with. Such appreciation is shown with our annual dinner in celebrating each staff and our achievements.  


Team Building 2019

Teamwork and being highly motivated are the traits that keep the organization to deliver the best in our services and to improve with every project we received. With that, team building is our approach to ensure our team is always on high morale. The activity was held at Gopeng, Perak.


Team Building 2017

A large team would need good communication and dependable colleagues. With that, team building is our approach to ensure that those traits can be achieved and maintained throughout the years. The event was held at Janda Baik, Pahang.

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